Translation Service

Participate in Mech Battle development by translation the game

What's it about

Welcome to the Mech Battle Translation site. Do you want to participate in the Mech Battle Development? You now can!
We are looking for people who can translate Mech Battle into various languages, its easy and you will get rewarded too!

So, how does it work?

It’s easy, just follow the Google Docs link below to go to the spreadsheet with all English texts, add a new column for your desired language there and translate every English text. (We would suggest you contact us before you start to make sure no other person is working on it already)

What do I get?

We will reward that person who delivers a full working translation first for a specific language which will make it into the app with a Safe of Platinum and a 365 days VIP membership. We also plan to add an Credits page to the game itself with your name under the Translators category (no date yet defined for this Credits screen)

Which languages can I translate too?

We will need translations for following languages:

German, Spanish, Italian, Filipino, Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Ukraine, Arabic, etc…
(you can also suggest additional languages)

I translated, now what?

Simple. Just let us know that you finished a translation and you are done. We will continue with:

1. Making a quick review
2. Add your translation to the next upcoming version of Mech Battle for iOS and Android
3. Once the update is live we reserve a 1 – 2 week ‘live test phase’ of the translated version.
4. If everything works as expected and the translation has good quality you will receive the rewards as detailed above

Access the latest translation file here:

Google Docs Translation File

Please just drop us a mail if you begin translation to a language so we have you on record for the rewards once finished!