FAQ & Tips

Gameplay Tips

Target indicator

The red bar shows the health of the Mech whereas the orange bar shows how much damage you self have applied to this Mech

Guard tower

Guard towers are limiting the battlefield area. Always mind walking to near to this deadly laser equipped properties

Energy Cells

Collect as much of these energy cells as possible. You can trade them in the Hangar for awesome and free stuff like Mechs and Weapons

Game Settings

Use the in-game options menu to configure a lot of options like joystick, sensitivity, spawning, etc…


Use the in-game settings menu to select different spawning locations like Safe or Random

Forgot password?

If you ever forgot your password use the in-game options to get a password recovery mail sent


Frequently asked questions


From time to time we balance Mech Battle. You most likely came herebecause we made a change and you think...

Why charging Platinum for changing usernames?

It used to be free, you could change usernames as often you liked, but.. We unfortunately have to deal with...

Why no bullet damage value anymore?

The bullet damage has been removed from the weapon upgrade panel. Why you ask? Mostly because it was wrong, meaningless, didn’t reflect...