Why no bullet damage value anymore?

The bullet damage has been removed from the weapon upgrade panel. Why you ask? Mostly because it was wrong, meaningless, didn’t reflect the real value and should never have been there.

A weapon might have variable damage depending on various factors. E.g. it will cause 100 damage if hit from < 20 meter, 50 if hit from 100 meter. Which value to display?

Additionally a weapon with a bullet damage value of 100 might look weaker than a weapon with bullet damage value of 200. But in reality, the 100 bullet damage weapon always shoots 3 bullets at once. So the real damage the weapon produces will be much higher than the 200 bullet damage weapon.

There are way more factors influencing the final damage a weapon produces with x bullets shot. (Range, firedelay, burst, etc..)

Obviously it’s not possible to bring all this factors into a single value, that’s the reason the bullet damage has been replaced with the statistics button which brings you straight into the MechLab with all details about the weapon and bullets including stats and various charts to compare your weapons. 

3 Responses to “Why no bullet damage value anymore?

  • mikeypomp23
    5 years ago

    I mean it just sounds like there are quite a bit of factors going on here… I like the idea of it being different, however, at this point there’s no “guidelines” anymore. What should I even be upgrading? I think the numbers should still be in there, at least on the mech labs screen. Idk I mean I understand there’s a lot of factors such as range and amount of bullets, but it’s just too confusing, and almost “unorganized” now, if you will. To me it just kinda seems like absolutely nothing to go off of now. New players must be very confused

  • constablebrew
    5 years ago

    The stats screen is great. It gives details that one needs to optimize for different ranges. Some important details it is missing:

    Explosion radius of missiles and rockets
    Shield radius

    Nice to have stats:
    Mech height (and mount point height) and similarly, Max vertical angle change (is this a thing, not sure yet, but some mechs seem to have a bit of a blind spot directly next to them. important for weapons like Bertha which have no aim assist.)
    Burst speed increase
    Jump height

  • FlufferBunny
    5 years ago

    I don’t understand damage over time. Could you explain, please?

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