What’s new in Version 1.1.0


– Brand new ‘Play with Friends’ support. Invite your friends to play as a team or even play against each other

– Show online status for your friends and chat with them
– Added option to simply share your PlayerID from the Profile Menu
– Added new exclusive VIP package

Balancing Changes

– All shields have been balanced, especially reload time has been increase dramatically
– Plasma, LaserMK2 duration has been reduced by 50%, reload time has increased by 200%
– Hitareas and Lock on Target distance has been adjusted


– Increased Move-pad touchable area
– Fixed “Wall Hack” which made it possible to shoot through walls
– Fixed “Jump floating”
– Increase volume of various sound sources like kill messages
– Added various guard towers limiting playable map area
– Player indicator is now drawn with correct team color
– Minimum “Lock on Target” distance has been decreased from 10 to 3 meters
– Various Mech and Weapons collider have been adjusted for better collision handling

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