What’s new in Version 1.1.1


– You can now show the profile and stats of other players and your friends
– Added ability to add players as friends right after a battle
– If you get an invitation from a player and you join the battle the inviting player will be added to your friends list
– Added detailed results screen after match so you can analyze each player and connect as friends
– Show indicator if you are hosting a game while at the same time you get an invitation for another game

Balancing Changes

– No balancing changes in this version


– Correctly account Platinum and XP after match
– Play correct audio clips when friend joins or invites to a battle or chat message has been received
– Change sorting of friends list, online friends first
– Always scroll to top of news entries
– Ton of fixes and improvements

4 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.1.1

  • Dmitriy
    6 years ago

    Сделайте возможность выбрать русский язык в игре,много игроков изза этого не играют,если сделаете будет круто

  • oldtype
    5 years ago

    please fix spawn points. its annoying when you spawn where you just get destroyed and lynched by 2-4 enemies at once.

    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      We wil check this immediately, normally you should get responded at a point farthest away from all other mechs

    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      We identified the issue an a fix (with a lot of other new stuff) will be included in version 1.1.2 probably going live today or tomorrow

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