What’s new in Version 1.1.2


– New core stat “Aim Speed”. Different mechs now have different Aim speeds. Aim speed is the time required to rotate the cockpit to the desired target 
– Paint Job Menu got a preview button to easier preview available paint jobs
– New smoke effects for destroyed mechs
– Added explosion damage and force fall-off for all explosive weapons. Depending on the distance to the centre of an explosion/missile-impact the damage and physical explosion force now varies. 

Balancing Changes

– Atlas Aim Speed reduced from 360°/s to 90°/s
– Zephyr speed boost time reduced from 5s to 3s
– We now match players with rank < 5, rank < 10 and all players with rank >= 10
– Plasma and LaserMK2 damage for level 10 has been reduced by around 40%
– Reduced shield reload times from 100s to 60s


– Better spawn point handling. When spawning the spawn point farthest away from all opponents mechs is used first
– Paint job #4 is now also working on iOS devices
– Don’t auto select hanger slot 2 when tutorial is still active and second mech has been purchased already
– Various graphical fixes for energy weapons and beams
– Make sure destroyed mechs don’t block taking beacons

One Response to “What’s new in Version 1.1.2

  • the game itself is fine but the rewards for battle is too little is to say the costs for repair after each battle for 1000000 damage only give us 450000 and that I buy prem

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