What’s new in Version 1.1.5

New and Changed

– New in game menu with various settings

– Added option to choose between fixed and floating move joystick
– Added option to adjust aim joystick sensitivity
– You can now choose between Random and Safe spawning
– Its now possible to abandon/destroy your current Mech, might come in  handy for tactical decisions

– Play with friends host game and join player entries show now online and join status separately
– Layout adjustment to Play with friends Menus and increased size for better readability
– Show rank of friends when hosting/joining a friends game
– Made it easier to add friends by automatically validating and correcting player ID when trying to add new friend
– Highlight clickable area in main menu


Balancing Changes

– Tomak reload time has been increased by 10 seconds
– TomakNGEN reload time has been increased by 10 seconds
– RR8 reload time has been increased by 10 seconds
– Matchmaking will now try to group all players with rank <= 5, all players with rank <= 10, all players with rank <= 20 and all players with rank > 20


– Fixed multiple local push notifications when upgrading Weapons or Mechs
– Fixed sometimes wrong display of bonus Platinum in score table of each player
– Correctly count and display VIP energy cells amount
– Fixed Offer Menu sometimes popping up endlessly
– Fixed bots sometime stuck in desert map near beacon
– Tons of minor fixes

10 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.1.5

  • Diego Cardenas
    5 years ago

    Bertha weapon does not aim I think it’s a glitch.

  • Nick Pieroni
    5 years ago

    Love your game! I have so much hope for the future. You’re doing an excellent job!



  • I think you should add the ability to lock on target as it switches from one to another when enemy are close to eachother.

  • Please add
    -New Map (more wide)
    -Multiplayer 5 vs 5
    -Sort Rank by Nation
    -Status Friend:
    Online (green dot)
    Busy (yellow dot)
    Offline (blue dot)

  • Do the beast move of games like this mech-battle

  • William Brooks
    5 years ago

    I love this game. This is coming from a War Robots champion league player. Keep up the good work and do not follow in Pixonic’s greedy footsteps.

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