What’s new in Version 1.2.0

New and Changed

– Added ability to show hangar of friends, leaderboard players and players you just played with

– Show connectivity strength (ping) indicator in HUD and for all connected players in stats menu
– Team/Bot balancing moved to server to fine tune in the coming days for more balanced bot distribution per team

Balancing Changes

– Matchmaking will now try to group all players with rank <= 5, all players with rank <= 10, all players with rank <= 20 and all players with rank > 20
– Matchmaking will wait up to 30 second and then start with bots for players with rank >= 21
– Temporary damage reduction of Swarm, JJ2000 and Justice until counter-measures are in place. Full equipped bots with fully upgraded missiles are too overpowered currently. Although we will restore inital damage soon, this is only possible once all counter-measures are in place like Shields and Flares.
– Chronos now comes with Q3500 instead of Bertha
– Better populate bots hangar on each team


– Fixed bots sometimes not able to reach a beacon
– Fixed rare game hang right after starting when other players disconnect while loading battle
– Fixed rare situation where game immediately terminated with Defeat right after starting battle
– Fixed rare situation where one cannot select a Mech while the Mech select menu is open
– Fixed rare situation where game started and Mech select menu did not close
– Fixed rare situation where game did not end although all other Mechs have been destroyed
– Fixed rare situation where spawning last mech was not possible anymore
– Fixed rare situation where game started with 5 players on green team and 3 players on yellow team
– Correctly update leaderboard values for own player when not listed in leaderboard
– Correctly calculate win/lose ratio for player profile
– Correctly apply and load/save audio/sound on/off settings
– Fixed rare situation with ghost Mech shooting with ghost plasma 

6 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.2.0

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Espero que sean corredores, para mejorar la experiencia de juego.Luego les comento que me pareció.???

  • Bullitt
    5 years ago

    Was hopeing you could consider a <=15 inbetween <=10 and <=20. At rank 10 you typically have a hangar of 5 lvl 5 mechs fitted with lvl 5 weapons. At rank 10 you are probably still testing out what fits your playstyle. Rank 19 players on the other hand are definately done testing and have invested heavily in their choosen mechs/weapons. The end result = massacre of ”fodder”

    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      Changes to matchmaking coming soon which should also consider this situation

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Some mechs are now invunerable.

    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      Can’t reproduce this, can you show me a video or give more details please?

  • Dean Hill
    5 years ago

    U guys r awesome, I was an avid player of war robots ,but they r too money hungry,u guys hav a great platform ,great performance, great graphics

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