What’s new in Version 1.2.3

New and Changed

– Changed the way mech rotation and aiming is synchronised over the network which should improve ballistic weapon aiming accuracy in specific situations
– Weapon preview nodes also show remaining upgrade time now
– Weapon preview nodes are now sorted and stacked if you have multiple weapons with same upgrade level

– Set Fixed joystick as default joystick
– Include player ID in message in case your account has been banned

Balancing Changes

– Matchmaking will now try to group all players with rank <= 5, all players with rank <= 10, all players with rank <= 15, all players with rank <= 20 and all players with rank > 20
– Slighly increased damage values for Swarm, JJ2000 and Justice
– AI hangar should now be balanced better for each Team in Domination  (Takes a few hours until this takes effect)


– Various fixes and improvements
– Fixed push notification showing wrong upgrade level when weapon or mech upgrade completed
– Fixed hangar showing wrong upgrade levels for mechs and weapons in player profile


6 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.2.3

  • Nikolaos
    5 years ago

    You guys are awesome , read every word

  • Do Something About Berta and plasma mk2 not aims properly.. polaris, trident are very difficult to kill with kinetic weapons.. sometimes energy cells are not appear after killing bots…. there is not enough covers to avoid the homing missiles.. Small bots can be killed with one shot of atlas with five tomarks… there is no mention about physical shield capacity of bots… Otherwise Game is awesome I left war robots… Add some new robots and make them difficult to achieve.. so upper level player can show of them..

  • FlinkyBoss
    5 years ago

    You are blowing us away guys!
    4 Updates in 4 days, WOW! ?
    And each one is being more full of awesomesauce…
    The Weapons stacking is totally superb and just perfectly timed! ??

    Way back when, we had a term of endearment for some excellent software I was involved with…
    We called it “Trickle-ware”!
    This is trickle-ware at its finest… Constantly giving us more features little by little… Drip feeding us, your raving fans LOL! ?
    You guys at Djinnworks Rock! ??
    Thanks! ❤️

  • Nombre ID Marxel120
    5 years ago

    Disculpen podrían poner la opción de poder girar la cámara cuando están en modo espectador después que nos matan en tercera persona y la que se ve desde arriba

  • Em…this is a good game, but won’t be good if I can’t even start a battle! I’m in asia server where’s no player at all !( One day I was put in us server and enjoyed a day of game, but soon I found myself back in asia…) Would you do something about this, like putting us into one or a few big server(s) or giving us a mode in which no other players are needed?

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