What’s new in Version 1.3.1

New and Changed

– This is a major update to the internal engine to finally allow reconnecting whenever you get disconnected. If your device reconnects to either WiFi or cellular network everything will continue as normal (while you are disconnected you will receive damage which is applied as soon as you come back)

– A server synchronised time is now used to better predict upgrade times
– Hangar shows red icons for missing weapons now
– Hangar shows green icons for fully upgraded Mechs and weapons now
– Allow skipping of rate menu

Balancing Changes

– AI bots use correct weapons on each mount point now
– AI bots react faster to attacks
– Smoke emits less particles to better see through smoke
– New rewards for rank up to 50


– Correctly show/hide menu UI elements in case of a disconnection
– Minor fixes to minigun series weapon models
– Improved performance for low end devices
– Correctly fire energy weapons if you keep the fire button pressed while it reloaded
– Fixed Hovering Mechs
– Fixed Ghost Mechs
– Fixed Flickering Mechs
– Fixed Jiggle AI Mechs’
– Fixed rare freezing screen when using energy weapons

5 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.3.1

  • MICH333
    5 years ago

    Is god!. Espero ahora, que pongan una versión en español ??????

  • Peter Hamilton.
    5 years ago

    Hi Robert

    I just want to clarify something I heard recently. Has there being a reduction in lithium you can earn?



    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      No reduction, lithium is still calculated from damage the same way as before. A previous update fixed the lag issues which made it possible to cause too much damage to a Mech (e.g. health points 200k but you could cause 400k damage).

  • Guys am facing issues with the connection, it keeps on saying couldnt connect to server please check you connection while actually am sitting very close to my wifi router. Am facing this issue only after updating the new version today Jan 22nd .. thanks

    • robertsze
      5 years ago

      Server troubles at the moment, hopefully they are back up again soon

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