What’s new in Version 1.3.2

New and Changed

– Parts from destroyed mechs don’t collide with your Mech anymore
– Added hit marker showing were exactly your bullet/rocket hit
– Weapon reload animations for all kinetic and energy weapons
– Show Killing spree and Rampage messages on consecutive kills
– Improved movements when jumping into or near Walls
– Added option to specify horizontal and vertical offset for move joystick when set to Fixed
– Host Battle menu show indicator now if a Chat message has arrived but not yet read
– Mech Lab shows more values for damage over range curves

Balancing Changes

– AI bots use different Mechs for each Hangar slot now
– AI bots can now use speed ability
– Tunnel map available again in random battle


– Fixed usable weapon layouts for AI bots
– Fixed Mechs can climb up walls in edges
– Don’t disconnect/reconnect if game has ended already and match results are shown
– Fast disconnect if coming back to game too late
– Fixed possible Invisible Mech when player spawns new Mech while reconnected (full effect only once all players upgraded to 1.3.2)

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