What’s new in Version 1.3.4

New and Changed

– Added localisation support and additional localisation for German, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Filipino and Greek

– Removed display of single bullet damage from weapon upgrade panel because not really meaningful, added link to MechLab instead
– Various layout changes to weapon and mech upgrade panel
– Improved audibility of kill streak accounter, added Ultra and Insanity kill
– Completely redesign weapon models for Q200, Q3500, Persuader, Swarm, JJ2000 and Justice with full reload animations

– Minor model updates to Plasma Gun, LaserMK2 and Bertha
– Added possibility to switch language
– Added Credits menu

Balancing Changes

– AI Bots can now have upgraded Mechs when playing with higher ranked players
– Medium Mechs are now faster
– Reduced reload times for Canon, F300 and Decimator


– Various performance improvements
– Various fixes

3 Responses to “What’s new in Version 1.3.4

  • Funken_A
    5 years ago

    Like the reduce load times for cannons and F300 decimator. These weapons were under powered IMO

  • Евгений
    5 years ago

    Когда Русская локализация ожидается?В России явно больше игроков чем в Болгарии,сравните численность населения!!!Поддержка 4-5 касаний тачскрина одновременно планируется?В остальном всё прекрасно,так держать,успехов вам в дальнейшем!)))

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