What’s new in Version 1.5.0 – 1.5.2

New and Changed

– New Paintjobs for Armageddon, Inferno, Sentinal, Berserker, Zephyr (1.5.1) and Polaris

– New Mech preview pictures instead of generic Mech icons
– Amount of Platinum required to deliver upgrades immediately is now calculated depending on remaining time (Wait longer, get it cheaper)
– New kind of missions
– Clan Administrator/Officer can now define preferred Clan Contact link so that new members can get into contact easier

– Mech Lab shows now detailed damage reports for each weapon depending on selected upgrade level, time and range

– Use high resolution textures for various Paintjobs
– New concept of Squad Leader. Hosting players is always squad leader, random squad leader on random matches
– New context aware command wheel interface to send team commands like “Attack this player” or “Help me” (can be opened with double tap). Many new commands coming with the next versions

– Credits page updated
– AI bots may use paintjobs now
– Reduced app size for Android and use new app distribution system
– Show bullet and missile velocity in MechLab (1.5.2)
– Added Turkish translation

Balancing Changes

– New players will match with real players with rank 3 already
– Minor Blaster buff (more damage, faster reload)
– Minor Canon series buff
– Additional matchmaking group for players with rank >= 21 and <= 36
– Reduced damage and bullets and increase reload time for LaserMK2 and PlasmaGun
– Made destroy from distance missions easier
– AI Bots will make decisions way faster if playing with higher ranked players now
– More Platinum for Most Beacon Captured (in test, subject to revert)


– Fixed a critical rendering bug on various older android devices resolution in distorted/missing menus (1.5.2)
– Various internal shield fixes in preparation for major overhaul
– Reduce memory usage
– Fixed possible double missions of same type 
– Fixed various glitches in Dome map
– Fixed command wheel interface popping up when swiping (1.5.1)
– Fixed MechLab rounding errors (1.5.1)
– Various minor fixes



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  • You guys continue to blow our minds!
    KUDOS for CONTINUING to ADD tons of the hottest ?️ AWESOMESAUCE?️ features to the best “MECH BATTLE” Game in the known UNIVERSE! (and beyond)
    You ROCK Djinnworks!!! ???

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