What’s new in Version 2.0.0 – 2.0.2

New and Changed

– New game mode Capture the Flag. Each team spawns at opposite positions on each map. Flag spawns at random but predefined positions, usually somewhere in the middle of the map. Team which either destroys all other mechs or captures map depending amount of flags by returning it to the base wins. If a Mech is killed while carrying the Flag the flag just drops there.

– New large scale map “Outpost”

– New large scale map “Highlands”

– New paintjob for Prometheus and Poseidon

– New Hangar and inventory layout view (2.0.1)

– New command wheel actions “Getting Beacon” and “Getting Flag”
РAdded support to show multiple local command wheel options (e.g. Getting  Flag + SOS)
– Don’t start Domination or Capture the Flag for random matches if odd amount of players
– Better balance teams for matchmaking (Distribute as even as possible depending on rank)
– Better distribute AI bots into each team depending on players rank
– Show health bar for own team members in Domination and Capture the Flag
– New beam textures and shaders used for indicating Beacons, Flags and Bases
– Changed the way damage is registered and distributed to other players to better compensate for network lag, handle missed packets
– Show bullet/missile velocity in MechLab
– More detailed and higher texture resolutions for various maps
– Added guard towers to various key locations in all maps usually abused for camping
– Added server configurable Battle time for each map/gamemode combination, will be “balanced” and fine tuned in the coming days/weeks
– Ton of new and also personalised offers
– AI can jump down from platforms in Plant map
– Reduced swarm slash damage area from 100% at 3 meters to 100% at 1 meter and from 0% at 5 meters to 0% at 3 meters
– Capture the Flag Missions (2.0.2)

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing


– Fixed flag could not be picked up sometimes (2.0.2)
– Fixed flag could be delivered to opponents base (2.0.2)
– Fixed possible crash in Capture the Flag on iOS (2.0.2)
– Fixed AI could walk through obstacles in Outpost (2.0.2)
– Fixed AI bots sometimes suddenly rotate when engaging player
– Fixed AI bots not using aimspeed when aiming/rotating
– Fixed AI bot rarly didn’t receive damage or didn’t explode
– Special ability button (jump, boost, etc.) now correctly indicates “reloading” state
– Correctly compute damage values in MechLab for weapons with high reload time
– Correctly show gendered messages
– Correctly show damage over range bars
– Various minor fixes


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