What’s new in Version 2.0.3

New and Changed

– Remaining game time flash red now when time is below one minute and short alarm sound is played
– Improved visibility of remaining game time label
– Improved standard paints jobs for all Mechs
– New Rank Up menu

– Show new rank along with unlocked Mechs, Weapons, Features and Leagues

– Command wheel available starting with rank 7 only
– Added option to hide/show command wheel
– Added option to hide/show camera button
– All in-game options are now accessible also from the Menu

– Various improvements to first in game tutorial

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing


– Changed double tap recognition to avoid unintended open of command wheel
– Friends and Online status support also for Facebook/Browser version
– Various minor fixes


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