What’s new in Version 2.1.0

New and Changed

– New ability: Stealth for Trident

– New ability: Berserk for Berserker

– Flag will automatically respawn in Capture the Flag if idle for 45 seconds, dropped in an guard tower area or outside of map
– Synchronize special ability effects to remote players
– MechLab shows damage values for up to 30 seconds to get a better overview of weapon characteristics

– New 3D preview mode for mechs in paint job menu

– Team with most kills will win in Capture the Flag if both teams captured same amount of flags
– Reward Lithium for each captured beacon (10k) and each captured flag (35k). Will also account to win bonus if your team won
– Facebook: Fire individual weapons 1 – 5 with keys 1 – 5
– Facebook: Auto open stats menu when pressing Escape
– Facebook: Open in-game settings menu when pressing Tab

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing
– Disabled Last Mech Standing on Highlands for random matches
– Disabled Highlands and Outpost for players with rank lower 10


– Correctly computed damage values in MechLab for energy weapons and reload while shooting weapons
– Fixed play with friends and online status for Facebook version
– Reduced memory usage
– Various minor fixes


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