What’s new in Version 2.1.2 – 2.1.3

New and Changed

– New paintjobs for Inferno, Armageddon and Chronos

– Correctly show Berserk ability in MechLab

– Show online friends only by default in friends list, optionally show all friends

– Facebook: Fire individual weapons 1 – 5 with keys 1 – 5
– Facebook: Auto open stats menu when pressing Escape
– Facebook: Open in-game settings menu when pressing Tab
– Behaviour changes for AI bot being attacked while carrying flag

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing


– Set correct flag material when delivering flag while in stealth mode
– Huge performance increase when handling friends list
– Performance increase in menu
– Fixed sometimes not working chat
– Fixed wrong materials when using shield on stealth or berserk (2.1.3)
– Fixed possible crash when opening Clan menu (2.1.3, iOS)
– Various minor fixes


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  • Jason Alexander Hall
    5 years ago

    Good work great game and thank for working hard

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