What’s new in Version 2.1.4 – 2.1.5

New and Changed

– New ‘Army’ paintjobs for Atlas, Artemis, Berserker and Juggernaut

– Preview all Paintjobs in MechLab
– Dramatically lowered paint job cost

– Capture the Flag only if at least 4 real players in room for large maps
– Friends nodes will now also show player avatar and rank (2.1.5)

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing


– Correctly redeem Clan missions reward
– Fixed glitches in Outpost level
– Fixed glitches in Highland level
– Fixed possible crash in menu
– Fixed possible crash when trying to login with Google Play on 64bit (2.1.5) devices
– Performance improvements
– Various minor fixes


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