What’s new in Version 2.5.5

New and Changed

– Fourth camera view now supported: Cockpit. Each Mech has its own Cockpit View for even more intense action

– Overview of all Camera Views including Mech, First, Orbit and Cockpit

– Fire Button Mapping support. For each Mech you can adjust and link fire buttons (e.g. fire all top weapons with the top button, fire all left or right weapons simultaneously, etc)

– Fixed display of thousands separator in stats and results screen for damage value
– Fixed showing friends status if account is/was linked to Facebook but Facebook Access has been removed
– Various layout changes to easier reach MechLab and show Mech/Weapon Statistics

Balancing Changes

– All balancing changes listed here: https://mech-battle.com/balancing
– Atlas aim speed is now 75° / sec
– Always start Domination or Capture the Flags if amount of players is even, else always start Last Mech Standing


– Fixed glitches in Dome and Mountain
– Various fixes and improvements


2 Responses to “What’s new in Version 2.5.5

    5 years ago

    Thank you so much guys! So many improvements in such a short time. Good job!

  • John lam
    5 years ago

    Great job love this game it’s so much fairer then the other Shitty money grubbing robo game

    Keep up the good work

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