What’s new in Version 3.2.1

– Chat, complete new UI layout
– Chat, add option to directly add player as friend from within World, Clan, Game and Squad chat
– Chat, automatically scroll to last message when scrolling through backlog
– Chat, use lighter color for showing player online status changes
– Chat, new ‘This Game’ and ‘Last Game’ channel which allows to communicate with all players from the current battle and even after the battle is ever, very useful to make friends or organise the next battle
– Chat, Add /ID command to post your player ID
– Chat, Info/Help panel with chat commands
– Chat, Added support for server triggered messages like “Player XXX created Clan YYY”, etc.
– Chat, Fixed issue when losing focus and automatically sending chat message, occasionally even into World chat
– Fixed player invitation sometimes not working
– Fixed automatic rejoin for rematch option
– Fixed occasional white preview images for mechs
– Fixed showing negative values for prestige scores
– Don’t refresh friends list when removing friends in friends menu



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