What’s new in Version (3.3.0 – 3.3.2)

– Complete rebuilt highlands map

– Recon is now using Vulcano textures

– Chat, display rank and country in all chat channels for each player
– Chat, display avatars for all players in each chat channel
– Camera, camera now better follows Mech and better collision detection
– Added possibility to double ECs by watching a video
– Energy system towers now have increased damage values, from 2.500 to 250.000 and increased explosion force (use them to easily kill an Atlas with one shot if one is standing near an energy system tower)
– Fixed friends list always refreshing when removing an offline friend
– Always use high resolution in menu, only use selected resolution when game is running
– Fixed non visible Lithium reward box in summary screen (3.3.1)
– Fixed jittering camera (3.3.2)
– Modified energy system tower (3.3.2)
– Huge performance improvements


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