What’s new in Version (3.4.0)

– Added controller support
– Initial inverse kinematic support for all mechs to better fit feet on the ground
– If you are logged in with Facebook your friends list will be filled automatically with all your Facebook friends also playing Mech Battle
– Added support to directly invite your Facebook friends not yet playing Mech Battle from the Add Friends menu
– Added support to view player profile directly from Chat
– Show warning dialog when unlinking Facebook
– Fixed Starterpack offers sometimes not shown
– Limit in game player name to 11 characters if using Pilot default name
– Added tutorial step showing new players how to change player name
– Added guard towers to Plant
– Disable energy system on first hit, correctly synchronise to other players
– Fixed guard tower glitches in highlands
– Disable energy towers in tutorial levels
– Adjusted empty bullet shell size for various weapons
– Texture fixes for tunnel map
– Huge performance improvements


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