What’s new in Version (4.0.0 – 4.0.6)

– New Game Mode ‘Team Death Match’, no beacons, no flag, just plain Team Deathmatch

– New Game Mode ‘Blitzkrieg’. Conquer and hold a central position in the map. Decide between being there first with light mechs or concentrate on defending or attacking the central position with heavy mechs. Ultra fast gameplay. The more mechs in the blue area the faster you will “conquer” and win the battle.

– New Map ‘Bridge’ 

– New Ability ‘Reload’. Manually reload your weapons, initially available on Juggernaut
– Game, Blinking health bar and warning sound if mech health < 20%
– Game, New sounds for Tomak missile series
– Game, Highlight player entries of disconnected or left players
– Game, added sounds for victory and defeat
– Game, immediately reset flag on mech abandon
– Game, added water effects (4.0.1)
– Game, damage indicators showing value of caused damage (4.0.3)
– Game, fixed a rare but possible crash in the middle of a Battle (4.0.4)
– Game, splash damage is not going through cover anymore (4.0.5, effective once all players updated to 4.0.5)
– Game, free camera rotation when mech has been destroyed (4.0.5)
– Leaderboard, new entries added
– Statistics, include disconnects when computing win/lose ratio
– Options, new battery/performance mode setting, decide between best performance or longer battery time
– Chat, always scroll to bottom when sending a message
– Chat, new server side intelligent chat filtering
– Chat, added option to ban players from chat
– Ads, fixed sometimes not working Ads to get rewards and bonuses
– Tutorial, use fixed spawn points
– Crash, Fixed possible crash when unlocking new weapons or mech by ranking up
– Crash, fixed possible crash or hang when ranking up (4.0.3)
– Matchmaking, Fixed sometimes not all squad players joining when starting battle too fast
– Matchmaking, Honor AlsoMatchWithClanOrSquad option for squad games
– Various performance and rare crash fixes (4.0.2)
– Updated to new engine with improved performance and stability
– Performance improvements


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