What’s new in Version (4.1.0-4.1.4)

–  New Map “Harbor”

– Introduced Hangar weight, multiple hangars and mech/weapon quantity limitations. More details available in in-game news and on our website ( https://www.facebook.com/mechbattle/posts/522140038390943 )

– Added support to drop Mechs back to inventory
– Show Turn-speed and Aim-speed in MechLab
– Various fixes in MechLab
– Fixed various spawn point in Dome Map
– Fixed closing weapon panel if clicking outside of weapon overview
– Visual changes to News menu and automatically popup news
– Fixed news unread badge sometimes appearing although news have been read already
– Added support to show all future upcoming unlocks as player progresses through the game
– Fixed weapon trails sometimes drawn incorrectly in Water
– Reduced memory usage, binary size and improved rendering performance
– Animate mechs and weapons in MechLab
– Fixed possible crash or hang on new accounts (4.1.2)
– Fixed possible endless loop while maintaining weapons (4.1.2)
– Updated bullet trails visuals (4.1.2)
– Colorize Blitzkrieg area with correct team colors (4.1.2)
– Added initial shield overloading support (4.1.2)
– Changed shield colors and visuals (4.1.2)
– Fixed shield friendly fire (4.1.1)
– Performance improvements (4.1.2)
– Important bugfixes (4.1.3)
– Fixed possible crash when game starts and player profile menu is open (4.1.4)


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